Moving the needle in spinal fusion has never been easier

The all-new MagnetOs™ Easypack Putty is our latest innovation aimed at making spinal surgery easier for you and your team.

It delivers all the benefits of our established MagnetOs family thanks to our unique NeedleGrip™ surface technology - which grows bone even in soft tissue, without added cells or growth factors.

Simply dispense MagnetOs Easypack Putty into your hand using the accompanying syringe. Mold the product into the shape you need; and pack it into the contours of bony defects - even when they are irregular in shape or size.

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Ready-to-use, easy to mold, designed to stay put

MagnetOs Easypack Putty solves your perioperative needs, leading to one thing: a more predictable fusion.3 Here’s how.
MagnetOs Easypack Putty comes ready-to-use, in an open-ended syringe for instant application into the palm of your hand. No further preparation needed – thus saving you (and your team) precious minutes in the Operating Room.
Designed to stay put
Now you don’t need to compromise on efficacy for the sake of perioperative performance. MagnetOs Putty has been formulated to resist irrigation during surgery and minimize graft migration post-operatively. This is a putty that stays put.
Easy to mold
This product is easy to mold, allowing you to follow the contours of bony defects and fill those that are irregular in shape or size. It’s based on a unique thermo-sensitive polymer binder that becomes increasingly moldable when warmed in your hands. Easy by name, easy by design.
This is a bone graft like no other because it grows bone even in soft tissue - without added cells or growth factors - for a more efficient and predictable fusion.
So, are you ready to move the needle in spinal surgery?
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*Results from in vivo laboratory testing may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans. For important safety and intended use information please visit MagnetOs is not cleared by the FDA as an osteoinductive bone graft. MagnetOs has been proven to generate more predictable fusions than two commercially available alternatives in an ovine model of posterolateral fusion.

MagnetOs and NeedleGrip are trademarks of Kuros Biosciences.